Future Denies Baby Mama Eliza Reign Abortion Accusations

Future Denies Baby Mama Eliza Reign Abortion Accusations
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Future became infamous for his women-related dramas. After he claimed paternity of Joie Chavis' unborn child, another woman stepped up as 'the newest addition to his crew of baby mamas,' who Hot New Hip Hop puts it.

A model whose name is Eliza Reign claims to be pregnant by Future, and she has accused the rapper of threatening her life.

He then told her to get an abortion which she agreed to until she went to the doctor and changed her mind.

That’s when she claims she received a tip that he allegedly wants her dead.

The artist uploaded a few clips on social media that are hinting towards this situation.

The thread begins with Future smirking as he's referring to lies: 'That's big, big cap.' He continues, 'We don't give the money back, and we don't say sorry.'

Another post highlights people's efforts to get a piece of his financial success. 'It's an evil world we live in, but hey, I'mma keep living [...] When these racks blew, motherf*ckers do whatever for this shit.'

Social media users have been assuming that Eliza's claims are made as an attempt to further her career or to secure the bag so to speak, the entrepreneur keeps insisting that she is telling her story because she fears for her life.

Otherwise, Future seems to be in good spirits as he is looking forward to his new project.

'I'm inspired. I'm so inspired. I got inspiration from everywhere. This is about to be one of my best albums of all time, well, to date. It's about to be one of my best albums.'

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