Future Confirms In This Video That He Has Changed For Girlfriend Lori Harvey -- The Couple Is Taking Things To The Next Level

Future Confirms In This Video That He Has Changed For Girlfriend Lori Harvey -- The Couple Is Taking Things To The Next Level
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Rapper Future decided to shower his girlfriend, Lori Harvey, with tons of roses for Valentine’s Day.

The 23-year-old model posted a video where she is waking up in her new multi-million dollar Los Angeles mansion and discovering that the entire house was covered with bouquets of red roses and petals and candles.

One fan said this: "Happy Valentine's Day 💕 , I got Lori Harvey on my wishlist. That’s the only thing I want for Christmas."

Another commenter wrote: "Future spending thousands on roses but wants his child support to reduce ???? SMFH."

This backer revealed: "Man Lori wanted to be a thug girlfriend so bad, she dreamt about these times in private school as a child 😂😂 I love how future changing for Lori ❤️❤️❤️❤️."

This person stated: "Future wants his child support reduced cause he spending all his money on Lori 😂😂😂 who going to clean all that up🤔."

It appears that Lori is ready to bring some changes in her life since the model recently hinted she had gotten herself a new home.

The 23-year-old first brought out the news about her purchase on social media, where she shared a photograph with a bottle of luxurious champagne and a handwritten message with congratulations for the move.

The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey was touched by the gesture because she captioned her post with the words, "First house warming gift" in combination with a heart emoji.

So far, Lori has not shared any real pictures of her new place, but her numerous followers rushed to wish her all the best and congratulate her on buying a home.

It seems that Lori is trying to move on with her life after Future's girlfriend made headlines about being the victim of a robbery, as two men attempted to steal her brand new Rolls-Royce on Wednesday evening.

The incident occurred at a parking lot in Atlanta, where Lori parked her vehicle, and while she was at the back of the car, getting her stuff out of the trunk, an unidentified man appeared and settled in the driver's seat.

Lori tried to fight off the intruder unsuccessfully when she realized that she still had a hold on the car key, and the vehicle could not be started without it.

As a result, the model just left the scene calmly. Meanwhile, a second man arrived in a car, jumped out of it, ran to the Rolls-Royce's trunk, grabbed Lori's bag from it, and the two men fled in their getaway vehicle.

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