Future Clarifies His "Beef" With Ciara And Russell Wilson - Here's What He Had To Say

Future Clarifies His "Beef" With Ciara And Russell Wilson - Here's What He Had To Say
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According to a report from People.com, Future is claiming that he doesn't have any problems at all with the new beau of his ex, Russell Wilson. In an episode of his show, Freebandz Radio, the rapper, 35, spoke at length about the remark he recently made about Ciara and her quarterback husband.

Future said on the air that Wilson "needed to be a man," and stand up for himself better. When he was asked about the situation on Wednesday, he said, "it's a social media problem. No, I don't hate him. Totally not the deal." He added that he and Ciara's man don't have any problems.

He went on to say that he has nothing against either Russell or Ciara, and he's thrilled they're doing their thing. Back in October of 2013, Russell and Ciara got engaged but then broke it off after the birth of their first kid, Future Zahir Wilburn.

Last Friday in a Beats 1 Radio interview, Future said that Russell does whatever she tells him to, and he's not being a man in that situation. Moreover, Future says he should tell her that Ciara should never talk about another man because it's disrespectful and embarrassing.

Speaking on his relationship with Ciara, Future said their romance was a lot different. The rapper said there was no reason for her to even bring another person's name up. "It's about me, I'm taking care of everything."

In a similar vein, Future talked at length about Jay-Z's song, "Kill Jay-Z," in which he supposedly took shots at Future, using a reference to Wilson spending time with his step-son.

The "Mask Off" rapper said that he and Jay were both from the streets, and he was just trying to convince him to talk positively about the rap game more often.

As for what Ciara had to say about all of this, the singer posted a picture on Instagram of her and her man, and she wrote in the caption, "Rise Above." As you may already know, Future has more than one child and has been in and out of court over child support payments.

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