Future Allegedly Gets An Instagram Model Pregnant And Threatens To Kill Her If She Doesn't Abort It -- Eliza Reign Says She's Keeping It!

Future Allegedly Gets An Instagram Model Pregnant And Threatens To Kill Her If She Doesn't Abort It -- Eliza Reign Says She's Keeping It!
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Future has landed himself into hot water, again. This time, an Instagram model is claiming that she's pregnant by the rapper who is pressuring her to have an abortion.

The woman, known as Eliza Reign, took to social media to out the musician. According to Bossip, Reign told Future she was pregnant.

He then told her to get an abortion which she agreed to until she went to the doctor and changed her mind.

The 35-year-old wasn't happy with the decision. That's when she received a tip that her soon-to-be baby daddy allegedly wants her dead.


She uploaded a message that read: "NO LIE, RIGHT HAND ON THE BIBLE, shortly after that day, I got a call from someone telling me to be careful 'I heard Future want your head.' They even told me the amount. And maybe this is some legal trouble behind it but I’m not letting no one’s legal team make me silent while they threaten my existence and my unborn child. It’s sad to think that a person that I laid up with for years would put a price tag/ value on my death and the death of their unborn child. I haven’t stopped crying! I AM IN TOTAL SHOCK. SCARED FOR MYSELF, MY UNBORN CHILD, AND MY FAMILY! Never thought that a person with 5 baby mamas would want the 6th one dead. It’s truly heartbreaking!!! It seems the best way to protect myself at this point is to bring this situation to light to hopefully make him back off."

If Eliza sticks with her word and gives birth to the baby, this would make her his sixth baby mama, right after Joie Chavis.

The artist is known for his baby mama drama that escalated even more last week.

After finding out that pregnant Chavis and Future were seeing each other romantically again, the mother of his son, Britni Mealy, announced that she is no longer dating him .

What do you think about this new drama? Do you think Future would hire someone to harm Eliza?

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  • Kish
    Kish Nov 26, 2018 8:33 AM PST

    I'm not a supporter by no means of Future's treatment of women. I'm an only child who's mother was brutally murdered in front of my eyes. Her boyfriend cheated twice she put him out he came Valentine's Day and murdered my mother and assaulted me. For some reason I'm not buying this Eliza chic's story. It doesn't sound plausible and the timing of her accusations just isn't sitting right with me. I see people coming out making accusations about others and all of a sudden you see long list the next day of other women claiming the same person did the same to me. I think people should be more considerate of others. Don't try ruining no one's life with lies for the sake of that almighty dollar bill. Have a conscience, morals, maturity & some respect for yourself first and foremost.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Nov 25, 2018 5:52 PM PST

    SMH, women when will you learn? First of, gotta do better when selecting a respectful man to be the possible father of your child, don't you and your unborn child deserve better? Just because a man is there when you're offering the cookie doesn't mean he wants to truly be with you and definitely not interested in having a child with you. Seriously, can't expect sympathy when you could have controlled the outcome, did you really think he would want a child?

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