Funky Dineva Drags Nene Leakes' New Talk Show

Funky Dineva Drags Nene Leakes' New Talk Show
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Nene Leakes took to Instagram to give fans a peek of her show The Reading Session because she's known for her quick wit and humorous reads. However, the preview she shared to her Instagram Story was more of a miss than a hit.

One, viewers were confused as to why her panel consisted of gay men and Nene. Two, they didn't understand where it was filmed. Lastly, they didn't like the fact that Nene was speaking on a rumor about Tyra Banks allegedly not wanting the Housewives to be on Dancing With the Stars -- something the model said wasn't true.

Funky Dineva spoke on Leakes' new gig and said that he felt she was appropriating gay culture.

Dineva posted a video to Instagram speaking about how she could have done better.

Dineva's caption read: 'This is the most horrible fall from grace!!

So let me get this straight, @neneleakes gave bravo her ass to kiss in order to play with some gay guys that don’t know body know, down to da abandoned restaurant? Girl you been sitting at home during this whole quarantine, and this is the BEST you could come up with? You’ve literally been on television for 14+ years, and you didn’t know a single person that could help you produce and film this? Is this right here the body of work that’s supposed to make the daytime tv girls nervous that you’re coming? I’m soooo confused as to why she’d do this. Does she not realize that she was once on the number 1 rated reality tv show on cable? Now she’s in the audio visual room at the local high school. I can’t!!!!! Wendy Williams is somewhere high, laughing.'

Many people in the comment section agreed with him, while others felt that Dineva may have been jealous.

The Youtuber followed up the post with a response from Nene .

It read: 'After the internet set fire to Nene Leakes ' ass for that dreadful sample of a web show idea that she published to the internet, Leakes took to Instagram to address the backlash. After coming under fire for poor production quality and poor production, Nene says that the show will be professionally produced. On the matter of using the gay boys as props, Leakes says her fanbase is gay boys and that she is doing this for the gays. Yet, the show is centered around her... Ohh okay girl. Furthermore, we don't want it and no one asked you for this. Lord there is so much to unpack here. Let's discuss.'


Do you think that with the proper production Nene's show can be a success?

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