From 'Charles In Charge' To 'Teen Titans Go!' Alexander Polinsky Is A Man Of Numerous Talents With A Big Heart

From 'Charles In Charge' To 'Teen Titans Go!' Alexander Polinsky Is A Man Of Numerous Talents With A Big Heart
Source: Alexander Polinsky/Twitter

You may remember Alexander Polinsky from his role as Adam Powell in the hit series Charles in Charge . What you might not know is that Polinsky has appeared in films continuously since the series ended in 1990, but working as a voice-over actor, producer, providing vocals for soundtracks, and even utilizing his skills as a toymaker and prop designer. In addition to his work in television and film, Alexander Polinsky is also an artist, a writer, and creator of the spiritual/quest character game Avatarism. When he isn't working in the business, he's teaching the craft of voice over acting to those with a passion to learn. Alexander Polinsky currently provides voice-over work for the shows Teen Titans Go! , Lost in Oz , and Blaze and the Monster Machines.

One of Alexander Polinsky's most intriguing undertakings is that of Avatarism: consider it cosplay with a twist. Avatarism is the concept of using characters to strengthen areas of the personality that might be weak or lacking, all through the form of creative play and character embodiment.

According to Polinsky, the concept of "putting on characters" and taking on their natures date back to humanity's origins. Polinsky provides individual and group coaching sessions for those interested in playing the game in their real, everyday lives.

He also provides voice over lessons via Skype to those interested in getting in the business.

Polinsky often brings the concept of Avatarism into real-world situations including fundraising events and hospital-based charity work with children suffering from cancer. His Valor missions are collaborative efforts with other voice over artists such as Tara Strong.

You may learn more about Alexander Polinsky in the following interviews.

If acting, voice-over work, and leading the nation in a new form of reality-based role play wasn't enough, Polinsky recently co-produced the film Going Furthur and covered the song "Fly Like An Eagle" by the Steve Miller Band. You may hear that song and watch the Going Furthur trailer in the video player below.

Though the character Polinsky played on Charles in Charge was a straight-laced kid, Polinsky's childhood was anything but. He is a second-generation Merry Prankster so co-producing the movie Going Furthur was a perfect project for Polinsky.

Alexander Polinsky's music career is also taking off. After having a cover of Chris Isaacs "Wicked Game" top the charts under the pseudonym Alexander Sky, he has recently sold a song "Losing My Mind" to the EDM record label Axtone.

You may listen to Alexander Polinsky's hit cover "Wicked Game" in the video player below.

Polinsky is also an artist. He stated that he learned acting from his father, who not only was a Merry Prankster but an acting coach. Polinsky encourages those on his social media accounts, such as Twitter to share their artwork as he shares his.

Polinksy is a multi-talented actor and artist who not only creates but shares with others.

Whether it is creating and sharing via social media networks or providing voice over coaching and helping people break into the business, Polinsky is not just a celebrity with a strong, devoted fanbase, but someone who has shown a genuine concern for humanity in general.


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