'Friends' creator apologizes for lack of black characters

'Friends' creator apologizes for lack of black characters
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producer and screenwriter Marta Kauffman , co-creator of the top sitcom Friends and its special episode Reunion, apologized for the lack of black characters on the show.

Recall that the reproaches of "Friends" that all the sitcom's main characters are white, and there are practically no blacks even in the secondary cast, is an ancient and famous fun of tolerists.

It is also worth recalling that "Friends" came out in 1994-2004, long before the dawn and heyday of #BLM, #metoo, the so-called. "cancellation culture," and other bacchanalia that fatally crippled the entertainment industry.

"Friends" was a resounding success, still remaining one of the most beloved and most popular comedies in principle.

But, at the same time, the indifferent public kept poking the show with a crooked, unpleasant finger, indignant at the outrageous racial bias.

Like, how is it that the heroes of the program for ten years managed to rotate in an exclusively white environment, despite the fact that the case almost completely takes place in New York?

Marta always answered that the issue was given too much attention, but now she suddenly realized: that these reproaches are fair, and all the criticism was really on the case, reports LAT.

According to Kauffman, over the years, and especially after the death of George Floyd, she changed her mind dramatically as she realized that the minimization of blacks in Friends was a symptom of her verbatim quote "the internalization of systemic racism," the scourge of modern society.


And now Martha is ready to atone for the sins of the past. For example, the producer has already donated $4,000,000 to her alma mater, the University of Boston, where the said amount has been skillfully used to establish a professorship in the Department of African and African American Studies.

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