Friends And Family Are "Concerned" With News Of Luann De Lesseps Relapse

Friends And Family Are "Concerned" With News Of Luann De Lesseps Relapse
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As it was reported earlier today, Luann De Lesseps has been struggling with drinking, even after she just got off of probation. Court documents obtained by Page Six and other outlets revealed the Real Housewives Of New York star is fighting against alcoholism, still.

The Florida Department of Corrections accused the reality star of not taking her punishment seriously, and they're unsure how to proceed with her if she doesn't soon wise up. The documents accused Lesseps of betraying the court's mandate to stay sober for a full year.

She had an alcohol test on the 21st of April, 2019, one which she actually failed. After a performance in Chicago, the report stated, Luann de Lesseps had two mimosas. The 53-year-old was told she should "immediately enroll in (an) outpatient treatment," but she declined due to her persistent touring schedule.

Sources close to the reality star explained they don't know what to do with Luann, because her lifestyle and career doesn't allow for her to get away from alcohol and other potentially life-ruining vices.

In other words, because she's traveling as an entertainer, she's continuously exposed to situations with partying and has a hard time saying "no" to requests for a drink.

Insiders close to the reality star are worried about Luann, because it's been two years since her 2017 arrest in Palm Beach on Christmas Eve, and she hasn't gotten away from alcohol totally, despite multiple warnings and embarrassing incidents.

During her drunken "meltdown," Luann apparently attacked a police officer while inebriated. Last August, she struck a plea deal in which she avoided jail time. She had to attend a rehabilitation facility during the Real Housewives Of New York Season 10 reunion.

Moreover, in September, Luann had to go to rehab after her children filed a lawsuit against her in an attempt to thwart her plans to sell her Sag Harbor Home. It wasn't explained as to why she wanted to sell it, but her kids were adamant on the house not going up for sale.

During the trip to Miami in February with her Real Housewives Of New York castmates, Luann did her best to have just mocktails. However, alcoholism is a brutal disorder, and it's difficult to get away from it.

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