French Montana Shows Support To R. Kelly's Victims After Defending Him!

French Montana Shows Support To R. Kelly's Victims After Defending Him!
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French Montana made it sound like he was defending R. Kelly amid his sexual assault and misconduct scandal. Now, he is addressing his previous comment, making things as clear as possible.

The rapper chatted with TMZ following his performance during the L.A. Rams' game halftime last night, and he seemingly defended the controversial artist after the release of his docuseries titled Surviving R. Kelly.

Despite the many accusations against him, R. Kelly has continued to insist that he is innocent.

Comparing him to Michael Jackson, French Montana stated: ‘All the greats went down like that. Let somebody enjoy their legacy. Whatever happened, happened, man.’

Sounds like he was asking people to pardon Kelly despite his alleged crimes, right?

Well, that was not all! When asked if everyone should stop listening to his music in the light of the accusations against him, French Montana once again argued that ‘They don't let nobody have their legendary moments.’

As you can imagine, he got a lot of backlash for saying something so controversial.

Therefore, earlier today, the rapper decided to actually show support to Kelly’s victims instead.

In a new tweet, he wrote: ‘Let me be clear. My heart's with the victims. I never thought people I looked up to as a kid, who sang, danced and gave me hope to become a star would become drug addicts, child molesters, and rapists. I'm hoping we as a culture will create better leaders. We need them.’

Ever since the six part docuseries that includes interviews with Kelly’s accusers came out, a lot of stars that have collabed with him in the past, denounced him, including Lady Gaga and John Legend.

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