"Frasier" May Be Rebooted Kelsey Grammer Explains - He And Other Executives Have Talked About It

"Frasier" May Be Rebooted Kelsey Grammer Explains - He And Other Executives Have Talked About It
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Kelsey Grammer teased news of a possible recreation of the infamous 1990's TV show, Frasier , earlier in the year, and now, the TV actor is speaking out on the possibility once again. Getting its start in 1993 and concluding in 2004,  Frasier  was a favorite of regular situation-comedy watchers before the end of its 11-year run fourteen years ago.

During the 25th-anniversary celebration of Frasier' s premiere, Kesley said he and other writers haven't found a way of bringing the character back on screen in a way that's feasible or entertaining.

"No, there's been no premise that has come along that has the necessary fire," Grammar said -  reports the entertainment journal, Deadline.

Grammer went on to say that he and the rest of the team are committed to the idea of only resuscitating the show if it's perfect; they're not interested in tarnishing its legacy.

Some of his other co-stars to appear on the panel include David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, and Jane Leeves. Extending credit to his cast-mates and former coworkers, Grammer stressed the utmost importance of having all of the original actors and actresses.

After all, it wouldn't be the same TV show without all of its original characters. Grammer told the audience there "there is nothing planned," but there have been a few discussions on the subject.

As it was previously reported, they lost a fellow cast member, John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane for over 10 years. John played Frasier's father and was the heart of the show.

Shortly after he died, Grammer took to social media to commemorate his passing, writing, "he was my father. I loved him." Regarding a possible reboot, Grammer said it was important for his character to come back to figure something out that he hadn't already during the first run of the popular series.

As most fans know, Frasier was arguably one of the more popular series of the 1990s, joining the ranks of Friends and Seinfeld as one of the most iconic television shows of that decade, and perhaps in the history of television.

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