Frankie Shaw Addresses Misconduct Allegations Following "Coerced" And Explicit Scene

Frankie Shaw Addresses Misconduct Allegations Following "Coerced" And Explicit Scene
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According to a report from The Los Angeles Times, Frankie Shaw -  the creator, and showrunner of SMILF -  addressed the allegations of misconduct from her Showtime series' cast. Just last month, it was revealed the star had received a number of complaints due to the mismanagement of a number of sensitive scenes.

As the reports go, people in the cast and crew accused Shaw of mishandling nude and intimate scenes, unfortunately leading to inappropriate situations and uncomfortable moments in what is normally a controlled and careful environment.

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported that after an internal investigation conducted by the network giants, ABC, it was revealed that Shaw had done nothing wrong. Samara Weaving was just one of the actresses to complain.

According to Weaving, there was a no-nudity clause in her contract, and she was released from her position on the series due to that clause. She had the right to say no the scene, and thus be removed from the production.

Today, Wednesday, January 16th, Shaw was more than candid when she discussed the situation. Explaining her actions, she said she had a lot to learn, and mistakes were made.

The star said to the  Today  Show hosts, Jenna Bush Hager, and Hoda Kotb, that she was really grateful things worked out the way they did, and she learned some invaluable lessons as a consequence.

Shaw explained that, while the allegations were unfortunate, she was more than proud of her crew, which was 50% female in Boston. According to Frankie, they had all female directors, including Kerry Washington.

Rosie O'Donnell, who plays her mother in the series, defended the showrunner and said she had done the best she could with the knowledge and experience she had at the time.

Moreover, the longtime actress, famous for feuding with Donald Trump in recent years, said it feels a lot like family on the set of SMILF . O'Donnell went on to say she was glad that things were wrapped up in the way that they were, now everyone can move one.

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