Fran Drescher Reveals She And Cardi B Might Work Together On A TV Project!

Fran Drescher Reveals She And Cardi B Might Work Together On A TV Project!

As you may know, Fran Drescher previously stated that she would be super happy to have Cardi B play her daughter in a potential reboot of The Nanny! However, this time around she said that she and the female emcee are working on something else together!

While in attendance at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Western Region Gala, Drescher told ET that ‘I am actually talking to her representation, and it may not be for The Nanny, but it could be for something else. A millennial-meets-baby-boomer kind of concept. I would love to work with her.’

She went on to say that ‘I think we could make a great combo. We both are style icons and have funny voices! And I just think she’s funny, so we’ll see.’

In case you didn’t know, the two women started their unlikely friendship on social media!

Cardi paid tribute to Fran by dressing similarly to her at Milan Fashion Week – in a cheetah print outfit.

The rapper captioned the pic: ‘Fran Drescher in @dolcegabbana.’

Despite the fact that before stumbling upon that post, Drescher had no idea who Cardi was, she quickly became her fan and has been listening to her catchy songs ever since!

‘I listen to her, I follow her on Instagram. I only really got familiar with her when she paid homage to me on her Instagram, so it’s very nice that she’s a fan of The Nanny and a fan of mine and now I’m a fan of hers.’ That’s great to hear!

Unfortunately, the reboot for The Nanny is still up in the air.

‘I don’t have an update on [The Nanny] - we don’t have a home for it yet, surprisingly. But that’s OK because I’m very fatalistic and if it’s not coming together now there’s a reason and I have confidence that what’s meant to be is what’s going to unfold.’

That being said, at least Drescher and Cardi might be collabing on a brand new project!

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