Founder Of ROSE Organization Says She Never Sent Masika Kalysha A Letter: 'Stop F****** With Me'

Founder Of ROSE Organization Says She Never Sent Masika Kalysha A Letter: 'Stop F****** With Me'
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Masika Kalysha may want to log off social media for a while after this scandal. The founder of the ROSE Organization is clapping back at her alleged receipts claiming that she was on the board of the human trafficking non-profit.

Toni Rivera originally took to Instagram to say that she was not involved in the planning or execution of Masika's disturbing only fans promo video that she said she made to raise money for the ROSE org.

That's when the reality star uploaded an alleged letterhead from Toni welcoming her to the non-profit. She slammed Toni for using her for publicity and then cracking when the pressure got to be too much and said that she is stepping down.

Rivera shot back with a message saying that she never sent the letter and she doesn't even know what a 'fans only' is.


She then uploaded a more serious warning for Masika warning her to stop lying about her part in the company.

Toni said that she didn't need any of the press or 'clout' from Masika because she has devoted her life to the work she's been doing.

She captioned her last video about the subject matter that read, in part: 'This is my formal statement in my last statement. I’m saying this s*** verbally I’m saying this s*** visibly I’m not gonna get on here with Twitter fingers I don’t do that I don’t bother nobody I keep to myself I do what I have to do for the community I don’t clout chase I have nothing to do with what you got going on. You’re pissing me the f*** off because I don’t know you I didn’t send you nothing ... nothing in the f****** email that Toni D Rivera sent to you stop the bulls***. You didn’t give me 15 minutes of fame I don’t do this shit for fame I’ve been on the breakfast club I do this s*** to bring awareness in a save lives why did you do this did you do it because your gorilla pimp told you to do it to bash me. Now you’ve been forewarned stop coming at me stop posting me on your page stop posting my organization on your page I don’t know you I don’t wanna f******* no you FOH.'


Fans seemed to be in agreement on her profile that Masika was in the wrong. Kalysha uploaded what she claims to be more receipts.

What do you think of this tense situation?

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