Former 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Slams Pregnancy Rumors, Claims She and David Eason Are "Fat And Happy"

Former 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Slams Pregnancy Rumors, Claims She and David Eason Are "Fat And Happy"
Credit: Source: Instagram

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason are in New York for Fashion Week, and they are taking the opportunity to let their haters know that they are doing just fine. Evans also slammed the recent pregnancy rumors saying that she and Eason are “fat and happy.”

TMZ got the chance to talk to Evans and Eason on the streets of New York City and she says that she is finally going to launch her JE cosmetics line after the previous “release date” came and went with zero products hitting stores.

The couple is at Fashion Week to promote her new cosmetics line, but fans are having a field day on Instagram criticizing her own makeup and fashion choices.

"Girl this is NOT a good look for you," one commenter wrote. "Go Away and take care of your kids,” while another wondered who sent Evans “the wrong size clothes.” A third asked who did her makeup (it was not meant as a compliment), and a fourth couldn’t believe the couple left their kids behind in North Carolina while Hurricane Dorian was hitting the East Coast.

Evans and Eason don’t seem to mind the criticism, as they say they are “happy and healthy,” and in a “married relationship.” And, when it comes to those pregnancy rumors that started after Evans posted a recent picture that seemed to show a baby bump, Eason says that everything his wife posts causes a pregnancy rumor.

Evans agreed, saying that she has had her tubes tied, she’s not pregnant now, and she won’t be in the future.

"And I think people gain a little weight when they’re happy so… we’re fat and happy," she continued.

Evans also claims that now that their custody case is over, she wants to keep her kids away from the cameras so they can live a private life. At the same time, she is going to focus on doing things for herself.

“We have custody of all our kids after the whole CPS thing was dropped, so everything’s back to normal. Kids are back in school… Nothing to worry about, we’re extremely happy with the outcome we did get," Evans told TMZ.

Because of all of the negative attention surrounding Jenelle Evans and David Eason, the venue for her cosmetics launch canceled on her at the last second, and it’s not clear if they found a new location.


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