Former 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Shields Herself After David Eason Outburst In Court

Former 'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Shields Herself After David Eason Outburst In Court
Credit: Source: US Weekly

It has been a tough few weeks for former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Not only did her husband, David Eason, shoot and kill the family dog , but she also lost her job and her kids as a result of his crazy behavior. After MTV confirmed that they are no longer shooting with Evans, Child Protective Services has stepped in and removed all of the children from Evans and Eason’s home.

According to TMZ , the controversial couple recently appeared in court to fight a judge’s order that led to the removal of her three kids from the home, but things didn’t go their way. Cameras spotted a CPS vehicle driving kids with blankets over their heads away from the courthouse about fifteen minutes before Evans and Eason left.

A judge in Columbus County, North Carolina, believes that Eason is a threat to the children, and had 9-year-old Jace, 4-year-old Kaiser, and 2-year-old Ensley removed from the home. Jenelle’s mother Barbara has custody of Jace and Jenelle has visitation rights, but the judge made it clear he doesn’t want the 9-year-old anywhere near Eason or the family’s property.

Kaiser has been placed with his dad, Nathan Griffin, but Ensley’s whereabouts are unknown. CPS has also intervened on behalf of Eason’s 11-year-old daughter Maryssa, who is from a previous relationship.

  Radar Online is also reporting that authorities had to physically remove Eason from a supervised visitation center when he lost his temper around CPS officials.

An insider claims that Ensley and Maryssa are staying with Maryssa’s grandmother, and both girls - as well as Jace - were present at the time of Eason’s outburst.

“David was thrown out because he was arguing with the social workers,” says an insider. “He was causing trouble, he was arguing with everybody.”

It isn’t clear if Eason and Evans will be able to regain custody of their kids anytime soon, but all of the kids now have their own guardian ad litem, so it looks like they have quite a few court battles ahead of them.

Jenelle has a May 30th court date scheduled against Griffin to determine Kaiser’s custody. And, a court recently ordered Eason to pay more than $4,000 in back child support to Olivia Leedham, the mother of his son.

Eason tried to argue that he couldn’t work because of a skin condition, but the judge didn’t buy it. In his decision, the judge also called out Eason for bragging about owning a plethora of guns and 20,000 rounds of ammo. The court documents said that Eason could have sold those assets to pay his child support.

The documents also revealed that Jenelle Evans made $400,000 during her final season of Teen Mom 2. And, when Eason was on the show, he earned between $60,000 and $120,000. But now, all that income is gone, and it’s all David Eason’s fault.

New episodes of Teen Mom 2 - without Evans or Eason - will return to MTV later this year.


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  • Joyce Sarnelli
    Joyce Sarnelli May 24, 2019 2:05 PM PDT

    What goes around comes around. She made her decision by staying with that POS. As far as I'm concerned they are both a POS. Hope she never gets the kids back!

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