Former 'Teen Mom' Star David Eason Is Reportedly Trying To Get Jenelle Evans Fired Too

Former 'Teen Mom' Star David Eason Is Reportedly Trying To Get Jenelle Evans Fired Too
Source: E Online

MTV fired David Eason from Teen Mom 2 almost a year ago, yet he still can't move past it. Eason has voiced his frustration with producers on social media over the past nine months and clearly wants to make them pay for letting him go. With the drama heating up behind the scenes, some fans believe Eason is now trying to get his wife, Jenelle Evans, booted as well.

Eason and Evans have had their share of problems this past year. The drama really heated up after Eason assaulted the Teen Mom star at their home. The fight ended after Evans was sent to the hospital for multiple injuries.

After the assault, fans took to social media and pleaded with Evans to leave Eason and take her children to a safer location. Instead of taking everyone's advice, Evans shared an emotional video online and assured fans that the fight was a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

In the months following the fight, Evans has been posting family pictures on social media to reassure fans that everything is okay. Eason, meanwhile, seems to have gotten more aggressive . Not only has he threatened Chelsea Houska's dad, Randy, but he is also getting weird with MTV film crews.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Eason recently interrupted film crews while they were shooting Evan's son at a soccer game. In a video posted online, Eason is shown driving by the game while calling out the names of several producers.

Eason's actions have led to a lot of speculation that he is trying to get Evans fired from Teen Mom . There are even some theories that suggest Evans wants to get fired so that she can turn around and sue the network.

If Eason keeps it up, Evans might get her wish sooner rather than later.

MTV has not commented on David Eason's behavior towards the cast and crew of T een Mom 2 .


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