Former Southern Charm Star Ashley Jacobs Clinging To Her 15 Seconds Of Fame In Bizarre New Video

Former Southern Charm Star Ashley Jacobs Clinging To Her 15 Seconds Of Fame In Bizarre New Video
Credit: Source: Bravo

Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Jacobs continues to bring the crazy as she attempts to cling to her 15 seconds of fame. The former Southern Charm villain - who made waves last season by calling Kathryn Dennis “nothing but an egg donor” - has just posted a bizarre new video that has fans calling her “full-blown crazy” and “an absolute freak show.”

The two-minute-and-twenty-second video appeared on the Twitter feed of a fan page called PumpRulesOGs , and it isn’t exactly clear where it came from. But, it appears to be a birthday video for someone named Alex, who Jacobs doesn’t know, but who is apparently a fan of Southern Charm.

In the clip, the California nurse starts out by saying that Alex might know her from a little Bravo show called Southern Charm , and said that they might recognize her as the “infamous villain” and a “psychotic, gold-digging b***h.” She then proceeded to say that she is actually worse than that.

Jacobs then shared her feelings on Craig Conover, and called him and every other guy that sews a “p***y.” Immediately after her name-calling, Jacobs begged Alex not to share the video because it could go viral.

Jacobs also called Patricia Altschul an “old broad,” and then the 34-year-old admitted that she “liked to stir the pot a little.”  She also promised fans that Bravo would feature her in more episodes of Southern Charm this season.

The incoherent rambling ended with Jacobs revealing that she and Ravenel are still friends, but she doesn’t have a ring on her finger because she needs to find someone closer to her own age.

Jacobs recently told Entertainment Tonight that her relationship with Ravenel was “dark, and it was really lonely” because her family didn’t support her decision to move across the country to be with Ravenel and appear on Southern Charm .

Bravo ended up firing Ravenel from the show after police arrested him for sexual assault last fall, and Ashley Jacobs also left the show because he was her connection to it. She did return this season for a brief few cameos, but it’s obvious that the rest of the Southern Charm cast wants nothing to do with her.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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