Former 'RHOA' Kenya Moore Is 'Devastated' Only Four Gifts Have Been Bought Off Of Her Baby Registry

Former 'RHOA' Kenya Moore Is 'Devastated' Only Four Gifts Have Been Bought Off Of Her Baby Registry
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Kenya Moore is proving once again that she is going to cash in on #babydaly. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is reportedly so devastated that none of her “real” friends have RSVP’s to her baby shower — and only four gifts have been purchased off of her insane registry — that she is considering canceling the shower altogether.

Moore is reportedly taking the disappointing news about her shower so seriously that her husband, Marc Daly, is considering buying every single item on the registry just to save the embarrassment and hassle of having to cancel the event.

“This is a big deal to her and she feels like those close to her have let her down,” a source explained to Radar Online . “She’s beyond furious.”

She’s “embarrassed, heartbroken and mad,” the insider added.

Before the lack of RSVP’s, Moore had already made it awkward for those that were invited, writing on her Instagram story that proper etiquette requires those that are invited should send a gift whether they are coming to the shower or not.

Although it could have been innocent, the plea made it seem like Moore could be in some money troubles after losing her peach.

Moore’s secret wedding to Daly landed her in hot water with Bravo execs, leading to her termination at the end of the Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta . Bravo bosses were so made that she hid her marriage that they but also fined her $25,000.

Moore went so far as to refuse access to Daly to any great extent. She also wouldn’t let producers document her post-married life, which is why they fined her $25,000. The situation left Moore in a bad spot with producers, but it also left fans wondering if Moore was faking the marriage altogether.

Earlier this year, Moore discussed how Daly has reacted to constantly being in the limelight. Moore admitted that it has been an overwhelming experience for Daly because he is used to hiding in the background.

She is, however, hopeful that Daly will adjust to his new life after some time has passed. Considering that Kenya Moore has hired her own camera crew to document her pregnancy with hopes of landing her own reality show, it sounds like Daly needs to get used to living life on camera.


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    Lu Oct 20, 2018 6:30 AM PDT

    She was receiving gifts from team twirl, her fans long before announcing her pregnancy. People are offering cakes and all sorts of gifts

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