Former Playboy Playmate Valerie Mason Arrested For Drug Possession

Former Playboy Playmate Valerie Mason Arrested For Drug Possession
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Former Playboy playmate Valerie Mason has been arrested on drug possession, specifically for meth.

TMZ obtained the arrest report for Mason, and her situation may not be as dire as reports initially indicated. Although the charge is the possession of meth, the arrest record shows there were no drugs found on her person.

Mason and two unidentified males were in a car that the police pulled over for a routine traffic stop, a taillight was busted on the vehicle. When the driver could not produce an ID, the police officers searched him and found drug paraphernalia used with meth on him.

After cops asked Mason and the male in the backseat to get out of the car, 2 grams of what is believed to be meth was found in the passenger door, next to where the former Playboy playmate was seated. There were also several hypodermic needles, used to shoot up meth, located in the backseat.

The report indicates Mason and the two men all denied owning the drugs or paraphernalia. Law enforcement shared the incident went down on Friday night in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. All three people were taken to the local jail and booked on charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, which is a felony. Records indicate Mason was released on $3,000 bail.

Valerie Mason spent some quality time in the Playboy Mansion back in the day. She even appeared on several episodes of the now-canceled E! reality TV show The Girls Next Door. Mason was featured in the September 2008 magazine but never quite made it to the star status some of the other girls, like Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison.

However, her affiliation with the famous Hugh Hefner brand is earning her headlines in her recent meth arrest. Since leaving the Playboy lifestyle, Mason has moved to Louisiana. Her Instagram bio has her profession as automobile sales. However, she has not posted on the social media site in over a year, so it is unclear what Mason is up to these days.

The 31-year-old has put her Playboy days behind her, but she now finds herself in some legal trouble. Mason will have to appear in court for the charges against her and if she is convicted, could face jail time.

However, it all depends on what happens with the other two men in the vehicle. If one of them confesses, then all charges against Mason could be dropped.

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