Former Camera Assistant From Ellen DeGeneres' Show Says Her Set Was Like 'The Devil Wears Prada'

Former Camera Assistant From Ellen DeGeneres' Show Says Her Set Was Like 'The Devil Wears Prada'
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A former Ellen staffer says that Ellen DeGeneres ' show wasn't much different from what was portrayed in the film, The Devil Wears Prada . Page Six picked up on an interview with an anonymous source this weekend on Stay, Abby, and Matt , an Australian radio show.

The woman, a former cameraperson who went unnamed, said many of the employees merely put up with the toxic work culture due to the status of DeGeneres' show and the way it would look on their resume.

The source said that everyone on the set of Ellen acted a lot like the employees of The Devil Wears Prada , the movie in which Meryl Streep stars as a mean magazine editor who is often cruel to her assistants and subordinates.

Reportedly, it was a "badge of honor" to work on Ellen , and it was typically expected that employees would work more than ten hours per day. The former employee says requests as simple as asking for water on a hot day or being paid for overtime work meant being fired.

As most already know, Ellen has been accused of fostering such an environment and doing nothing to stop it. Moreover, other former employees say that "racist microaggressions" and sexual misconduct were the norm.

DeGeneres recently wrote a memo in which she said "sorry" and also promised she would do better going forward. WarnerMedia, responding to the controversy, then launched an investigation into the show which is being conducted by a third-party organization.

Thus far, the controversy surrounding Ellen's show has been interesting for a number of reasons. One is that many celebrities, who are often quick to condemn others who have been called out, have defended Ellen DeGeneres.

For instance, it was reported today that Kevin Hart and Ellen met up for lunch today and talked for more than an hour. Katy Perry, as well, explained how she had nothing but fantastic experiences when working with Ellen and never saw anything abnormal.


Other sources have stated there was nothing abhorrent about the set of Ellen , although, one insider claimed certain things are just no longer allowed in "today's climate."

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