Former ABC Employee Sues ABC Network For Defamation Regarding Amy Robach's Squashed Jeffrey Epstein Interview

An ex-ABC employee claimed this week that the network defamed her when they accused her of leaking a recording of Amy Robach complaining about an ignored interview revolving around Jeffrey Epstein. 

Page Six picked up on court documents this week in which Ashley Bianco, a former producer on ABC, denied releasing a tape of Amy Robach complaining about how ABC had killed her story with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who was one of the main accusers against Jeffrey Epstein.

As it was previously reported, Epstein died behind bars last year in what has been described as one of the most curious cases in recent memory. Now, many people believe Epstein was secretly killed by the CIA or another government organization to avoid incriminating information regarding the world's elite leaked to the public.

Ashley Blanco has been accused of leaking the tape to Project Veritas, a conservative group that seeks to expose political corruption related to left-wing politicians and Democrat organizations.

The Manhattan Supreme Court summons, on Thursday, stated that not long after the video made its way onto the internet, defendants moved very fast to find someone to blame, and that person was Blanco, who is now defending herself.

The lawsuit filed by Blanco, who is now demanding a payment of $10 million in damages, says she lost her job as a result. Furthermore, she says ABC ruined her career and reputation in the broadcasting business, effectively black-balling her across the industry.

Regarding the squashed Epstein interview, an ABC News employee posted a letter on Project Veritas in which they put the network on blast for making a mission out of "seeking and destroying" whoever found the tape. Project Veritas later came out to say that the same person who gave them the tape had written the letter.

Of course, The Walt Disney Company has also been named as a defendant in the case because they own ABC. Neither The Walt Disney Company nor ABC, has responded to the new developments.


As for the Jeffrey Epstein case, Ghislaine Maxwell, one of the socialite's alleged accomplices, is currently awaiting trial behind bars.

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