For $1,000,000 You Can Be An Executive Producer Of Corey Feldman's Pedophilia Exposé

For $1,000,000 You Can Be An Executive Producer Of Corey Feldman's Pedophilia Exposé
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Corey Feldman launched his Truth Campaign several weeks ago and has since raised over $230,000. It's coming along, but a bit slowly. His goal is to raise $10 million so he can write, direct, produce, and distribute an exposé that will name and shame the pedophiles connected to his abuse . Stating there is a pedophile ring that might even include law enforcement and government officials, Feldman is finally taking his fight against the abuse he suffered to the public. There are different levels of donation and those who donate certain amounts of money will get a few perks. The big ones are at the $1,000,000 donation level. Those who donate $1 million or more to Corey's Truth Campaign will serve as an executive producer for the movie.

There are only five spots available for those who want to donate at the executive producer level.

The executive level of Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign is as follows.

"With this large of a contribution, we feel its only fair to give you access to the films set, along with meaningful creative consultation, about the creative direction of the film. You will also receive an EP credit in the opening titles of the films main credit sequence. You will be allotted 10 tickets to the premiere."

Those in Hollywood who are either child abuse survivors or want to see pedophilia combatted are encouraged to throw their support behind Corey Feldman.

Feldman has been vocal about Hollywood's pedophilia problem since 2011, and in 2013, wrote the autobiography Coreyography where he detailed the abuse by using pseudonyms.

He has since appeared on Dr. Oz where he contacted police and confirmed the identity of two of his abusers. He will return to the Dr. Oz show and reveal another name.

Feldman is afraid for his life as he continues to identify members of the alleged pedophile ring.

While not everyone gets Corey Feldman's music, he does have devoted fans. He took time off from his Angelic to the Core tour to focus his attention on promoting his Truth Campaign.

He has done multiple interviews and regularly talks to those who have questions via Twitter. In several of his recent messages, he has shared that coming forward has been emotionally taxing on his nerves. He lives in fear and is calling on those in Hollywood for support.

He's even explained why he needs $10 million and isn't just speaking the names publicly.

You may see a video of Corey Feldman performing the song "Money" back when he was in better times emotionally.

While not everyone can donate at the million dollar level, some certainly can. Many of Corey's supporters are contacting celebrities via Twitter asking them to donate large sums to Corey's campaign.

Have you donated to Corey's Truth Campaign? Do you support his fight to expose Hollywood's pedophile problem?

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