Footage Showing The Shooting Of Ma'Khia Bryant Is Out

Footage Showing The Shooting Of Ma'Khia Bryant Is Out
Credit: BET

You've probably heard about the latest tragedy that recently took place. Now, it's been revealed that some shocking footage has been released.

the Columbus Police have released body camera footage of the incident leading up to the unfortunate death of 16-year-old #MakhiaBryant According to reports from @wbns10tv, the video shows that she attempted to stab two people with a knife during a fight. We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.'

Someone said: 'They released that footage so fast to try to make it seem like he was protecting the other girl. Look how that pig walked up to her to show that knife on the body cam!!!! GTFOH.'

A follower posted this: 'Wow so I guess you can’t defend yourself at your own home in front of the police or they will kill you. And I guess you can’t even call them when you are getting jumped either.'

One follower said: 'Sooooooo but the answer was to kill her? They don’t have tasers? Honestly cops need better training on how to deescalate a situation!'

Someone else said: 'Nah tell the right story! She was defending herself against 2 people who came to her house! She called for help from the police and he killed her. Don’t try to paint that picture of her like that!'

One other commenter said: 'He instantly shot he didn’t even attempt to break it up those are kids smh,' and someone else posted this: 'But my problem is. I see adults out there watching them fight. I’m not understanding.'

A commenter said: 'Girls Came To Her House To Jump Her, She Had Every Right To Protect Herself' and someone else posyted this: 'Releasing the video footage doesn’t mean she deserved to die. She was a child. We have seen white males being escorted safely after SHOOTING up entire schools and malls. Save it.'

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