Following Wendy Williams Hiatus Her Replacement Has Been Revealed

Following Wendy Williams Hiatus Her Replacement Has Been Revealed
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As it was reported earlier in the week, Wendy Williams recently announced she would be taking a long break from hosting her morning talk show due to health concerns. After she rescheduled her return for the third time, a panel of co-hosts replaced her momentarily.

Since Wendy's departure, it was revealed that Nick Cannon would take her spot. The Wendy Williams Show announced Nick would replace her for three upcoming show dates. On the 4th, 5th, and 6th of February, Nick Cannon will take her position.

You can check out the post below to see for yourself:

As fans of the talk show host have come to know, Wendy's family recently released a statement in which it was revealed she has suffered from Graves' disease complications. It's imperative for Wendy to work on her health, and that's what she intends to do in the succeeding weeks.

Nick Cannon is a bit of strange replacement for Wendy Williams, but fans are reportedly excited for him to take the stage. In recent news, Nick has been in the headlines for defending his friend, Kevin Hart, following his Oscars controversy.

Kevin declined the Academy Award's invitation to host after several outlets dug through his Twitter to find salacious and offensive tweets from nearly ten years ago. The Academy told Kevin he had to apologize if he wanted to host, so, due to the fact he addressed the situation more than once in the past, Hart chose not to apologize.

Although he did go on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the situation in more detail. When chatting with Ellen, Kevin was not apologetic and claimed the reports against him were more like attacks than anything else. Ellen, acting as sort of a spokesperson for the LGBT community, said it would be great to see Kevin at the Oscars.

It isn't clear as to why Nick Cannon was chosen for Wendy's position, but Nick has experience hosting and with the entertainment industry in general, so he'll likely do just fine.

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