Following Reports Of Self-Orchestrated Attack Jussie Smollett Is Facing Serious Social Media Backlash

Following Reports Of Self-Orchestrated Attack Jussie Smollett Is Facing Serious Social Media Backlash
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It was reported earlier this week that Jussie Smollett from Empire came out in response to the allegations that he supposedly orchestrated the hate crime against him near the beginning of the month in Chicago, Illinois.

Sources who spoke with CNN claim that the police department believes he played a role in his own assault, more specifically, Smollett actually paid two men to attack him. "Jussie Smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with," the Empire actor's lawyer said.

His attorneys, Todd S. Pugh, and Victor P. H. Henderson said in a statement that the idea that he played a role in his own brutal attack was both false, ludicrous, and offensive. The lawyers said Smollett has been "further victimized" by the fact no one believes him.

According to multiple reports, two men from Nigeria whom with the actor worked are being investigated, however, they're fully cooperating with the police. While most media publications have been quite supportive of Smollett, many YouTube content creators and social media commenters have expressed serious doubt about the actor.

A spokesperson with the Chicago Police, Anthony Guglielmi, said that the two men were initially arrested but then subsequently released. Reportedly, Smollett allegedly paid the two brothers each $3,500 for the attack, and another $500 following the brother's return from a trip to Nigeria.

For the most part, people online have criticized the idea that two men "wearing MAGA" hats were able to even walk around in the upper-class area of Chicago. Moreover, Jussie has taken heat for the idea that they "tied a noose" around his neck as well, in addition to throwing bleach on him.

To most social media commenters, the reports have been suspicious from the start. If Jussie really did fake it, it's unclear what will happen to his acting career; his alleged plan may have backfired completely.

One commenter wrote, "nobody gets away with wearing a MAGA hat in that part of Chicago. You'd get stomped out in that neighborhood."

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