Following His Release From Prison Rowdy Rebel Declares The 'King of New York' City Is Back

Following His Release From Prison Rowdy Rebel Declares The 'King of New York' City Is Back
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Near the start of 2020, it was revealed by a few outlets that Mr. Bobby Shmurda wouldn't be getting out of prison anytime soon , or at least until the following year.

Rowdy Rebel's fate, on the other hand, was much different, because Hot New Hip Hop says he just got out this week after serving approximately four years behind bars.

According to the outlet, Rebel walked out of prison following a four-year sentence for one weapon possession charge and one count of third-degree conspiracy. It was a big moment for Mr. Rebel, and he let the world know how stoked he was to get out with a FaceTime call with one of his friends.

Reportedly, Rebel spoke with a friend of his on Apple's calling service and yelled the words, "Tell n*ggas the real King of New York back." Not only did Rebel have some words for his fans and social media followers, but people also noticed that it looked like he straightened his hair before he made the call.

Furthermore, multiple social media users say Rebel was clearly rocking a brand new chain, which he must've bought as soon as he got out. This is all big news for fans of GS9, a gang of men whose members had gone to prison for weapons and drug charges.

The most famous among them is Bobby Shmurda, who's still waiting to get out. In case you missed it, Bobby was in the headlines a number of times over the last year-and-a-half regarding rumors as to whether he would get out this year or not.

Initially, many fans on the internet thought he would be released sometime before the end of 2020, but it turned out to be nothing more than conjecture. Moreover, Hot New Hip Hop and other outlets discovered a count-down website that appeared to insinuate that Bobby was going to get out within months.


However, Shmurda went up for a parole hearing and was denied due to a number of transgressions while behind bars, including assault and other forms of misbehavior.

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