Following Her Rehab Departure Amanda Bynes Was Spotted Having A 'Tense' Conversation With Her Lawyers

Following Her Rehab Departure Amanda Bynes Was Spotted Having A 'Tense' Conversation With Her Lawyers
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Amanda Bynes, the former Nickelodeon star, is moving on with her life claims multiple reports. Entertainment Tonight revealed Amanda's departure from a sober living facility earlier this month. Reportedly, the starlet is living with her mother and father until she finds a new home.

Amanda and her family, including the conservatorship attorney, stood in front of a court this Thursday to discuss whether the move to a new home was acceptable following her exit from the health center.

Another source with ET claimed Bynes was pleased with her current living situation because she and her family have a great relationship despite her past squabbles. Back in June, Amanda was let out of the sober-living home so she could attend her graduation at a California design school.

Amanda first attended the design school near the end of 2014. Authority figures at the school reportedly booted her off-campus for arguing with classmates, however, in 2017, she was back on track to graduation. And in 2019, Amanda checked into a mental health facility due to stress and exhaustion.

During a conversation with Paper Magazine earlier this year, Bynes admitted drugs played a huge role in her issues earlier in the decade, however, she has been alcohol and drug-free for the last four years. The star said to the magazine that the days of messing around with substances were long gone.

Amanda said to the outlet she was ashamed of the way drugs made her act. The Easy-A star went on to say it was almost as if an "alien" invaded her body and made her behave in a completely different way.

Earlier today, Hollywood Life pictured the 33-year-old star having a conversation with her lawyers outside the courthouse on the 12th of December. The photograph featured Amanda smoking cigarettes and sporting her new pink hairdo.

Amanda first showed off her pink hairstyle on the 10th of September using her Instagram account. It was the first time she had posted in months.

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