Following G-Eazy Split Halsey Says She Owes Her Fans 'More'

Following G-Eazy Split Halsey Says She Owes Her Fans 'More'
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According to a report from EOnline, Halsey recently said before her fans at New York City's Central Park that they deserved better. The singer/songwriter was on the Good Morning America stage for a show wearing a white crop top and pants decorated with a sparkling trim.

Speaking with reporters from Cosmopolitan, while Halsey was on stage and singing one of her most popular songs, underneath it all, she was still feeling heartbreak. The star said to the outlet that she was on stage dancing around, singing, putting on a great show, however, Halsey was struggling with her personal life.

The star said to the reporters from Cosmopolitan that she looked down into the crowd, and she noticed two women, one with blue hair, and one with pink hair, septum piercings, and looking "cool as f*ck," and she realized they deserved better.

She looked at them and realized that she wasn't truly being herself by wearing a "Britney Spears-outfit," as she called it. "Ohh no, they deserve way better than this." The star said her fans were "brave" and were entitled to more than just "homogenized bullsh*t."

As it was previously reported, Halsey and G-Eazy got back together again, but then split up in October 2018. Since then, she's been in a relationship with Yungblud.

Looking on the bright side, Halsey said things are still going pretty well, after all, considering all that happened was that she "dated a sh*tty dude" and wore "sparkly clothing." Moreover, she's hoping to really connect with her fans even more in the future with the release of her third album.

According to the award winner, she has bipolar disorder and tends to forget and move on from things quickly. Music is an art form whose love is reciprocal, or in other words, Halsey gets out of it as much as she puts into it.

Speaking on her imperfections, Halsey remarked that if her brain is a "bunch of broken glass," at least she can turn into a "mosaic."

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