Following Doja Cat's COVID-19 Diagnosis Fans Viciously Troll Her For Making Fun Of The Virus

Following Doja Cat's COVID-19 Diagnosis Fans Viciously Troll Her For Making Fun Of The Virus
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Doja Cat recently revealed she was diagnosed with the coronavirus just a few months after she publicly mocked all of the people out there who were scared of the virus. This Friday, Doja Cat, the "Say So," artist, revealed her COVID-19 positive diagnosis during an interview with Capital XTRA.

Doja Cat said to the interviewers that she wasn't overly worried about it once she contracted it. With that in mind, Doja Cat admitted she has no idea how she contracted COVID-19, but she did order something off of Postmates.

"I don't know how I got it, but I got it." The 24-year-old singer-songwriter went on to say that she had a "four-day symptom freak out," but she ultimately came out of it feeling totally fine, and is now completely over it.

As it was previously reported, Doja Cat poked fun at everyone in the world who's worried about the coronavirus in March of this year. She said to her fans and followers that she wasn't scared of it because it was just a slightly worse version of the flu.

The rapper said to her followers, "cause I don't give a f*ck about corona," because it was merely the flu. Unfortunately, Doja Cat has found herself in the headlines for other reasons that have been less than positive, including a resurfaced song from 2015.

She reportedly used a racist slur in her song, and she addressed it on her social media.

Doja Cat came under fire for participating in "racist chat rooms" when she was younger. She claimed she was on them a lot ever since she was a child. She added, "I'm sorry to everyone I offended."

According to Doja Cat, half of her family comes from South Africa and is black, and she's very proud of it. Even though the artist has addressed the controversy a number of times now, she still can't get a break.

It was reported earlier this month that every time Doja Cat uses Twitter or IG, she faces an onslaught of social media critics.

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