Following Detainment In June Farrah Abraham Pleads Guilty To Resisting Arrest

Following Detainment In June Farrah Abraham Pleads Guilty To Resisting Arrest
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Following her scuffle with a security worker in June , Farrah Abraham pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for fighting a security guard at a Beverly Hills hotel. On Friday, Farrah, 27, appeared before an LA Court where she pleaded guilty to resisting arrest.

The prosecutor dropped a misdemeanor charge of battery for the guilty plea agreement. Subsequently, the reality star was sentenced to two years of probation as well as five days of community labor.

Abraham also has to complete 12 hours of anger management training and has to stay away from the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. In a statement to Fox News, she said she wouldn't be going near the lounge again.

In July, Ricardo Santiago, the spokesman for the DA of LA, said she had been charged with misdemeanor battery and resisting, as well as delaying or obstructing a peace officer.

As it was previously reported, Farrah was accused of attacking a security guard at the Beverly Hills hotel, striking him in the face as well as grabbing his ear.

Lieutenant Elisabeth Albanese said to Fox News during the summer months that the police responded to a disturbance call at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and upon their arrival, the guard informed them of Abraham's behavior.

Abraham was on her way back to the hotel, when she struck him in the face, grabbed his forearm, his ear, and pushed him in the face. She appeared to be visibly intoxicated.

A representative for Abraham at the time denied the reports, stating that the entire thing had been overblown. "A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing," her rep, Elizabeth Lloyd, explained.

As you may know, this all comes after Farrah lost her job on Teen Mom, hosted by MTV, due, in part, to her starring role in a sex tape with the adult film actor, James Deen.

Farrah filed a lawsuit against Viacom afterward, accusing them of sexual harassment. However, the suit was later dismissed. An insider explained that "the chance of her winning a case like that is pretty much non-existent, mostly because of the size of Viacom's legal team. They're arguably one of the biggest companies in the world."

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