Following Coronavirus Concert Cancelations - Yungblud Will Perform Live-Streamed Concert On YouTube

Following Coronavirus Concert Cancelations - Yungblud Will Perform Live-Streamed Concert On YouTube
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The rapper, Yungblud, recently announced that he'll put on a show in Los Angeles on the 16th of March, Monday, and live-stream it on YouTube for everyone in the world.

Just Jared claims the 22-year-old performing artist was supposed to kick off his world tour this spring, but concerts in approximately ten countries have been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Yungblud, who gave his concert the aptly-titled name, "Sh*t's Weird Keep Calm and Carry On," will put on the concert and in between songs, he'll answer questions from eager fans. Many of the star's shows around the globe have been temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The rapper, in a statement, explained that the world was currently going through a "very weird time at the moment," and everyone is lost. The young artist added that many of his shows around the globe were canceled, and it's almost like someone is "playing a trick on us."

Yungblud went on to say that he missed making connections and he misses his fans and family. While Yungblud has fostered a career for himself over the last few years, his recent relationship with Halsey has brought him additional publicity and attention.

Earlier this year, Halsey, who just came out of a rough relationship with the rapper, G-Eazy, shouted out to Yungblud on Instagram. Back in August 2019, the pop star took to her IG account to celebrate Yungblud's birthday . He turned 22-years-old on the 5th of August.

In her birthday post, the starlet praised Yungblud and had many nice words for him. Fans of both parties were clearly charmed by the singer's post, with one fan, in particular, saying it was the "most cutest thing."

As it was previously reported, Halsey and Yungblud's romance was first confirmed when they were spotted out in Mexico enjoying a vacation together.

Halsey was dating G-Eazy before she started her relationship with her younger boyfriend, however, in the past, the starlet claimed he was a "shi*ty dude." G-Eazy hasn't said anything about Halsey publicly yet.

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