Following Britney Spear's Instagram Revelation - Some Fans Ask If Gossipers And Tabloids Will Ever Leave Her Alone?

Following Britney Spear's Instagram Revelation - Some Fans Ask If Gossipers And Tabloids Will Ever Leave Her Alone?
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As it was previously reported, Britney Spears finally took to her social media to end the neverending rumors and gossip regarding her mental health and family life. Reported by the New York Daily News, Britney went on Instagram to finally put a rest to the gossip once and for all.

But how long can it last? In front of her millions of followers and fans, the superstar urged people to be more discerning in terms of what they believe and what they don't. "Don't believe everything you hear and read," Spears stated.

It was last night when the 37-year-old performer revealed the news to her fans. She insisted that things had gotten so out of control that people had even been sending death threats to her family members, which is, obviously, totally out of line.

As most know, Britney is no stranger to media hysteria. In the mid to late 2000s, Britney Spears was the subject of widespread media gossiping and sensationalism, from the pictures of her sporting a shaved head to the vulture-esque paparazzo behavior as her health continued to decline.

Britney's situation with the media was famously parodied by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in an episode of South Park . You can check out the video below for yourself:

While many are quick to blame the media for treating people in such a way, entertainment journalists and other reporters merely report the news that people want to see.

The way in which the media focuses on the health crises of the nation's biggest stars says more about human nature then it does about the media and the state of journalism.

In the age of social media, hysterical sensationalism seems to have only increased, as more and more people are able to quickly read up on the news and spread their opinion all over the internet, including on the social pages of the celebrities themselves.

"My situation is unique," the singer-songwriter explained, "but I promise I'm doing what's best at this moment." It was revealed earlier that Britney had to put off her Las Vegas residency due to her father's health problems. Jamie was hospitalized due to a ruptured colon.

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