Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Arrested For Stabbing A Woman Over Her Boyfriend NBA Youngboy -- Twitter Reacts

Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Arrested For Stabbing A Woman Over Her Boyfriend NBA Youngboy -- Twitter Reacts
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NBA Youngboy is not only a thriving artist that breaks Youtube records regularly, but he's also infamous for his drama between his love interests. His current girlfriend is Yaya Mayweather -- daughter of Floyd Mayweather.

Yaya has been in multiple beefs with other women when it comes to NBA but the fight she got into yesterday was the worst of all. Allegedly, Yaya went to her boyfriend's house where she found another woman rumored to be his baby's mother and the two got into an argument.

The argument escalated and Yaya reportedly stabbed the woman causing her to go to the hospital with critical injuries. Mayweather was arrested and released on bond.


Surprisingly, she went right back to Youngboy's house after the incident.

While beefing with Kodak Black who insinuated Youngboy was a snitch, Yaya popped up in the background of Youngboy's rant. He not only dissed Kodak but also called Floyd a 'b****.'

As Saturday's events unfolded, social media had a field day. While some seriously want the champion boxer to make an effort to get his daughter away from the rapper, others couldn't help but laugh at the shocking situation.

'Yaya got access to all the money or means to make money she needs and is chasing behind nba young boy and it’s clearly not for bread. She wants love she feels like she gotta work for cause that’s the kinda home she grew up in. She’s mirroring her childhood relationship example,' observed one Twitter user.


' YB called yaya daddy... Floyd Money Mayweather... arguably the greatest BOXER of all time. 50-0, never has lost a fight.... a b**** a**n****... IN HER FACE... I’m crying,' said another.

This person wrote: 'All jokes aside though... looking at Yaya situation goes to show you that all the money in the world can NEVER raise a child right. It’s all about how your parents mold you & what they install in you. Money can’t do that! Remember that.'

Hopefully, the father is able to be there for his daughter in this sad time.

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