Floyd Mayweather Flirts With 'Love And Hip Hop' Star Nikki Mudarris After Seeing THIS Sizzling Hot Pic Of Her!

Floyd Mayweather Flirts With 'Love And Hip Hop' Star Nikki Mudarris After Seeing THIS Sizzling Hot Pic Of Her!
Source: billboard.com

It looks like the man spotted something he really liked and he was not at all embarrassed to express his admiration. Floyd Mayweather made sure to flirt on social media after stumbling upon Love and Hip Hop star Nikki Mudarris’ very sexy Insta pic that left little to the imagination.

The post that made the sportsman’s blood boil was made yesterday December 23 and was enough get him to share his opinion on it in a very flirty and bold way.

Nikki posed in just panties and she also pulled up her white shirt enough to show underboob.

‘He chose me…. Oh  and he ain’t mine. But not yours sisss ????,’ Nikki captioned the provocative photo.

Not too long after, Mayweather decided to leave a comment that immediately gathered a lot of attention from social media users.

‘Tell them how you crazy about Money May all day @missnikkiibaby,’ he wrote.

It sounds like the boxer loved what he saw and we’re also sure she was hoping for this kind of attention when she decided to share the snap as well.

Considering Mayweather and Mudarris have flirted online before, many of their fans are wondering whether or not there is any chance there's romance brewing between the two.

As for Nikki’s sizzling pic, we are not surprised she posed so provocatively for the camera as she’s shown her perfect figure before.

In fact, most of her Insta posts show a lot of skin, proving she is very confident in her own body.

Her charisma and personality as well have been gathering a lot of attention ever since she joined Love and Hip Hop.

In fact, it attracted Joseline Hernandez as well, and they were even reportedly intimate!

Who do you think the reality TV star should end up with? Judging by Floyd’s message, do you think he’s interested in her in that way?


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  • ShadyOShay
    ShadyOShay Dec 24, 2017 3:46 PM PST

    Everybody in Hollywood is hooking up with each other it's just a big circle so it's no surprise to me

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