Floyd Mayweather Brings Up T.I.'s Cheating After Tiny Harris' Husband Dissed The Boxer On New Song

Floyd Mayweather Brings Up T.I.'s Cheating After Tiny Harris' Husband Dissed The Boxer On New Song
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And just that like that, the fight between T.I. and boxer Floyd Mayweather is back on with a new song called "Fu*k N***a" that is heating up the Internet because of Tiny Harris.

For several years now, T.I. has become a real voice who calls out social issues.

He recently headed to social media where he slammed Gucci that took the bizarre decision to sell an odd sweater that resembled blackface in the middle of Black History Month.

T.I.P. demanded that people boycott the luxury brand and Floyd along with Kodak Black decided to show support to the brand.

T.I. bashed Floyd for being a sell-out and not standing up for his people.

Floyd responded by saying T.I. is a fake and phony who cannot be faithful to Tiny, (rumors claimed that Tiny slept with the boxer and T.I. fought him a few years back).

The boxer said: "These people are playing hopscotch. First, they're supposedly boycotting the NFL, but as soon as the Super Bowl came around, they were either at the game, watching it on TV or throwing Super Bowl parties. Last week, it was R Kelly, this week it’s Gucci. People boycott for trend but turn around and still shop at H&M and watch the NFL."

One fan reacted to the story by replying: "And Floyd’s whole response is gonna be about how much money he got. Smh he is truly a lost soul 🤦🏽‍♀️it goes against the what we are fight for! This is the behavior we say we won’t tolerate anymore from them just because we are different. So tell me how its helpful in the cause to reciprocate the same behavior to not just anyone but one of our own."

Another commenter claimed: "T.I. is tiny dawg he's literally 1 inch taller than Floyd. T.I. the same cat called himself pulling up on Lil Flip in Htown and got punched lol. Who’s woke? If a man got a voice and uses it for anything besides his, I’m down for it as opposed to just tearing it down. But that’s just me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ We need more people fake woke or not stating the truth to power. Look here Tip! Make this into a T-shirt and say his black card has been revoked! I will market this shirt in the A. 4 show [email protected] But didn’t Tip whoop him in a street fight though?"

A critic stated: "Nobody else is as sensitive as black people. What other race complains about everything as much as you guys do? As long as the intent was not there, it’s not a big deal. All of you really out here thinking Gucci wants to offend black people on purpose. Lol."

T.I. is not ready to let anything slide when it comes to activism.

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