Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis Is Struggling To Co-Parent With Ex Gage Edward

Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis Is Struggling To Co-Parent With Ex Gage Edward
Credit: Source: People

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and his ex, Gage Edward , have been trying to co-parent their daughter, Monroe, since they split in January. But, Lewis recently revealed that things aren’t working out as he had hoped.

On his SiriusXM show Jeff Lewis Live , Lewis told listeners that the “open-door visitation policy” he and Edward agreed to isn’t working, and the former couple needs to bring more structure to their daughter’s life.

“I did say to Gage yesterday, moving forward, we need to have some sort of schedule,” Lewis explained. “I said, ‘I know that our schedules change weekly, but how about Sundays we go over the week ahead of time?’ I don’t necessarily want to be there when he’s there all the time.”

Lewis went into even more detail about the conversation, revealing that they went over the week ahead, and determined which days each of them wanted to see Monroe. Lewis said he told Edward that he isn’t going to come over twice a day anymore because it isn’t realistic.

The Jeff Lewis Design owner explained that he wasn’t saying Edward couldn’t see their daughter twice a day, but they had to be smarter about the schedule. He then gave an example, saying he was heading to New York, and while he was out of town, Edward was staying with Monroe for four days.

The 49-year-old says that Edward asked to spend more time with their 2-year-old, and he hopes that after his trip to NYC they will be able to reach a more structured agreement.

Lewis and Edward split after ten years together, and Edward moved out of the family home but continued his role at Jeff Lewis Design. However, According to People Magazine, Lewis also revealed that Edward recently put in his notice at the design firm, and now that Edward is leaving the business, Lewis feels like his ex is leaving all over again.

Lewis said that continuing to work with Edward was his way to still see his ex and spend time with him. But, now that he’s leaving the business, it’s like they are breaking up a second time.

Lewis admits that it wasn’t a healthy choice for them to continue working together after they split up.

Jeff Lewis Live airs on SiriusXM Radio Andy.


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