Flash Mob Dances Outside Of Court House Amid Harvey Weinstein Trial

Flash Mob Dances Outside Of Court House Amid Harvey Weinstein Trial
Credit: Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Harvey Weinstein is getting ready to go on trial for sexual assault crimes. Following a brief delay due to the lead prosecutor getting something in her eye , a group of protestors reportedly gathered outside the Manhattan court to protest the injustice of Weinstein's actions.

Chants and screams could be heard inside the courtroom as jury selection continued, Page Six reported. Even the screaming chants were audible, the exact words communicated were not distinguishable. Page Six claims a large group of women, dressed in black, danced and sung in unison for approximately 15 minutes until they scattered.

Jury selection is currently in its fourth day, and 108 potential jurors were in the courtroom during the process, as the protest went on across the street from the courthouse. Damon Chernois, one of Harvey's lawyers, asked the judge to dismiss jurors from the previous week.

Reportedly, Damon stood up before the judge and stated it wasn't "hard to see" how the jurors could be influenced by the flash mob outside the door. Justice James Burke, on the other hand, disagreed and said the jurors selected on that day would remain until they're either confirmed or unconfirmed at a later date.

As it was previously reported, authorities hit Harvey with two counts of rape, one count of a criminal sex act, in addition to two counts of predatory sexual assault. Despite being accused of sexual misconduct by approximately 80 women, the statute of limitations, among other variables, determined that only the allegations of three women would stick in a court of law.

In other news, Harvey Weinstein was castigated by the judge after he was seen texting on two different cell phones as he was waiting to be seated at the defense's table. The judge asked him whether or not he wanted to spend the rest of his life in prison due to texting in court.

Afterward, Harvey's attorney asked for the judge on the bench to be dismissed and replaced with a new one, due to the supposed demonstration of bias and prejudice.

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