FKA Twigs May Have Been A Rebound Chick Before Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Back Together

FKA Twigs May Have Been A Rebound Chick Before Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Back Together
Credit: Just Jared

British diva FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson are said to be over, and he is getting closer to making his romance with Kristen Stewart official. Is anyone surprised by that news?

According to several reports, Pattinson and his fiancée, FKA Twigs, have gone their separate ways.

Many assumed it had something to do with the photos that surfaced showing Pattinson flirting with Katy Perry during a romantic dinner in California.

However, a source close to the pair claimed that Pattinson is slowly but surely reconnecting with his former ladylove and co-star, Stewart.

The person in the know said the exes have been very friendly with each other in the past months and once more love came knocking at their doors and they answered the call.

The same chatty friend said that Pattinson and FKA drifted apart and Stewart did not play a part in the split.

The source shared: “Rob and Twigs are on a break, they have been having problems for a while, and it has got nothing to do with Katy, she would never get in the middle of his relationship. And there’s still a lot of hope that Rob and Twigs will fix this, Rob still wants to try. What they need is to spend some quality time together. The problem is they are both so insanely busy with their careers that they are hardly ever in the same place. The only thing to blame here is their busy schedules and the long distance, not Katy.”

Another pal familiar with the situation confirmed that the engagement had been called off.

The insider revealed to Life and Style : “Rob and FKA’s engagement is off. Rob really thought he and FKA would get married, but things have changed. He is trying to get to a certain level of stardom. And that is keeping him in LA or on location more than ever.”

According to the publication, the actors have been spending hours on the phone getting to know each other again and promising "not to blow it this time around."

Their source added: “Robert and Kristen are talking [on the phone] all the time. Robert and Kristen have become very close again. Rob’s pals would love to see them back together.”

It was previously revealed that Pattinson never stopped loving Stewart and FKA was more or less a rebound chick.


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  • CR
    CR Sep 11, 2017 5:25 PM PDT

    Must be doing another franchise or need some spotlight. I don't believe anything celebrities are doing is without a publicity stunt so they are directed by their publicists and handlers.

  • Joseph M Clanton
    Joseph M Clanton Sep 11, 2017 6:31 AM PDT

    If They still love each other they should be together who cares what other people think the downfall of a relationship is caring what other people think.

  • Sisi
    Sisi Sep 11, 2017 1:32 AM PDT

    Well, to me there is a too much of a coincidence that Rob was responding Trumps tweets from long ago about Stuart cheating on him, then little after Stuart did the same on SNL, also those two saw each other on an air plane, then after all that Twigs isnt with him anymore. But Stuart still has Stella, but those two don't seem to be inlove. Stuart seem to no want to touch a man after Pattinson was gone. She might still love him and he seems to love her too if he actually broke his engagement with Twigs. He really didn't seem inlove with her too. But it would be nice to see those two together again and not caring what the world thinks.

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