'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Ready For Baby No 6

'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Ready For Baby No 6
Credit: Source: Today

Chip and Joanna Gaines may be expanding the family in the near future. The Fixer Upper stars already have five kids together but recently admitted that a sixth might be on the way. Will Chip and Joanna have another child in the coming year?

“I think we have to have another one because I’m particular about the only child thing. Crew needs a sister to manage this whole thing out,” Joanna shared. “

The HGTV stars had their fifth baby this past June. The couple welcomed a son, Crew, to the family and could not be happier about the newest addition. Chip and Joanna are also proud parents to four other children, including Drake, 13, Ella, 12, Duke, 9, and Emmie, 8.

With Joanna now in her 40s, having a sixth child is something that will likely happen sooner rather than later.

According to Page Six , Chip and Joanna did not plan on having Crew. In her magazine, Magnolia Journal , the Fixer Upper star admitted that the pregnancy was a complete surprise. Luckily, Joanna found out about the baby a few weeks after the couple decided to take a break from television.

The extended vacation gave them plenty of opportunity to focus on the family and prepare everyone for the new arrival.

Although the two are open about having another kid, it will not be an easy task. Joanna’s pregnancy with Crew was a lot harder than she expected. In fact, Joanna admitted that having a kid at 40 was a lot harder than any of her previous pregnancies. She will be even older if she has a sixth child with Chip, which could affect their decision to have more children.

Speaking of Chip, he also opened up about Crew’s birth. Chip commented on the age difference between his children and said he could not believe that Emmie will be finished with high school by the time their youngest is ten. The age gap is part of the reason why Chip and Joanna Gaines want one more kid as another child would be closer in age to Crew.


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