'Fixer Upper' Secrets Revealed! Everything Chip And Joanna Gaines Don't Want You To Know

'Fixer Upper' Secrets Revealed! Everything Chip And Joanna Gaines Don't Want You To Know
Source: HGTV

With the success of Fixer Upper , Chip and Joanna Gaines have changed dozens of crumbling properties into gorgeous homes in and around Waco, Texas. While the renovation couple has transformed their hometown, many aspects of their hit show aren’t what they seem. Here’s an inside look at everything Chip and Joanna don’t want you to know about Fixer Upper .

According to the insider, the house-hunting scenes that open each episode are completely fabricated . Chip and Joanna typically show three homes that are within their client’s budget to renovate. While each client eventually settles on one of the homes, the purchase usually takes place long before filming begins.

In fact, most clients have already bought the home or are under contract before they go on the show.


Lindy Ermoian, a former client on Fixer Upper , also revealed that some of the construction costs are priced lower than usual. Ermoian explained how she didn’t like the color of the roof on her new house and Joanna replaced it for half the market price.

While you might save a lot of money on construction, most clients do not get to keep the staging furniture. You only get to keep the furniture if you pay extra, which typically isn’t in the budget.

While the end of each episode features a finished product, most clients cannot move in as soon the camera crew leaves. There are several final details the Magnolia team still has to work out, including moving out supplies, home inspections, and cleanup.

Some clients aren’t able to move into the home until weeks after production has ended. That said, once the Gaines’s are done, the entire home is fully renovated.


Although not everything is what it seems on Fixer Upper , Chip and Joanna’s relationship is about as real as it gets. In an interview with Today , Chip opened up about his marriage and revealed that trust plays a big part in their relationship.

Chip explained how he has complete trust in Joanna no matter what project they tackle.

Chip and Joanna are currently preparing for Season 5 of Fixer Upper , which is expected to air later this year.


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