Five Times Elizabeth Hurley Put Her Beach Body On Display And Defied Aging

Five Times Elizabeth Hurley Put Her Beach Body On Display And Defied Aging
Credit: Source: Elizabeth Hurley Beach/Instagram

Elizabeth Hurley turned 55-years-old on June 10, 2020, and fans can't believe how the actress and model is defying aging. As the owner of the bathing suit company Elizabeth Hurley Beach, there's no question that Elizabeth is the brand's best model, but some of her bikini photos go viral simply because people are in awe of her timeless beauty. As the mother of one, Elizabeth never lost her figure and is one of the middle-age-celebrities who is redefining what it means to be older and beautiful. Considering the fact that by American standards, Elizabeth Hurley is a senior citizen, it's easy to understand why so many people are blown away by her beauty.

Elizabeth frequently shares photos of herself on the official Elizabeth Hurley Beach Instagram account where she models her newest bathing suit styles. In each photo, Elizabeth never ceases to look amazing.

She designed the line for resort wear and any water-based activity.

In the first featured photo below, Elizabeth exuded classic Hollywood glamour with her hair in soft waves and iridescent eyeshadow and lipstick that was the perfect accompaniment to her white string bikini.

In a promotional photo for a St. Patrick's Day sale, Elizabeth looked like she was in her 20s rather than her 50s. She wore a green and white polka-dot bikini that featured a gold ring in the front. She showcased her flawless abs and posed poolside.

Elizabeth left her fans in awe when she posed on her back as she reclined on the sand. She wore a blue and white striped triangle bikini and had her beach body on full display. Again, fans couldn't get past Elizabeth's youthfulness.

Apparently, you're never too old to pose topless — well, that is if you're Elizbeth Hurley! Elizabeth wore two gold, chunky bangles as she folded her arms across her chest to protect her modesty. Wearing a yellow string bikini she posed outside and gave the camera s sultry stare.

Elizabeth shared a recent photo where she posed in a paisley print bikini that featured a gold ring in the center. Even with the Coronavirus pandemic going on, Elizabeth continued to look gorgeous.

What do you think about Elizabeth Hurley's best beach body photos? Do you think she is age-defying?

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