Five Times Ashley Graham Made Pregnancy Amazing

Five Times Ashley Graham Made Pregnancy Amazing
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The Coronavirus pandemic may have caused Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin to relocate to Nebraska with their son, Isaac, but it hasn't stopped the 32-year-old from being a role model. Ashley has always pushed the boundaries and proved to the world that no one defines or confines her. As a plus-size model, she landed top contracts including a Sports Illustrated cover, and when she announced she was pregnant, she continued to prove that she sets her own rules. Ashley went through her pregnancy and continued to surprise fans by her outfit choices, the photos she shared, and her attitude throughout her nine-month journey to becoming a mother.

One photo that Ashley shared blew fans' minds. Ashley walked the Tommy Hilfiger runway show while pregnant! You may see the incredible photo and the caption that Ashle shared below.

What a night!! This show was so memorable, exhilarating and truly inspiring ✨ @tommyhilfiger @zendaya & @luxurylaw, thank you for including me! I am so grateful and proud to have been a part of such an incredible show. Thank you for honoring the importance of inclusion by representing so many different women on your runway and showing that beauty comes in many forms. I could have never imagined the feeling of walking a runway pregnant, it was truly an honor for us to be there! ❤️😘

On Halloween 2019, Ashely stunned the world when she didn't let pregnancy or her baby bump stop her and she dressed up in latex for her Jessica Rabbit costume.

Macho Man knocked up Jessica Rabbit for Halloween

Ashley Graham worked out throughout her entire pregnancy. Her dedication to health and fitness never faltered and she didn't use pregnancy as an excuse to slack off. Check out one of Ashley Graham's pregnancy workout videos that she shared with her 11 million Instagram followers below.

it’s a lifestyle 💪🏽

It was no-holds-barred when Ashley Graham stripped down and took a nude photo showing how her body changed from her pregnancy. Ashely showed the world her stretch marks and not only bared her body to the world but her soul as she opened up about the emotional toll her changing body had on her self-esteem as well.

same same but a little different

Ashley Graham made history and realized a dream come true when she covered Vogue for the first time in her life and did it while pregnant. Ashley was radiant, gorgeous, and beautiful on the cover and proved that pregnancy wasn't a hindrance to her modeling career but a catalyst for achieving her dreams!

A VOGUE COVER!!! — celebrating inclusivity, mothers, pregnancy and love —  is so surreal. I have dreamed of this moment my entire career since I was a catalogue model living in Nebraska two decades ago.

While Ashley Graham had a revolutionary pregnancy and approached it with boldness, it was the birth of her son, Isaac that was the ultimate prize. Check out a photo that Ashley Graham shared of her family as they quarantine in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska below.

Love my boys so much!❤️

What do you think about Ashley Graham? Did you follow her pregnancy? Did you find her a revolutionary ground breaker?

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