Five Photos To Celebrate Hayden Panettiere's New Public Instagram

Five Photos To Celebrate Hayden Panettiere's New Public Instagram
Credit: Source: Hayden Panettiere/Instagram

Hayden Panettiere has been on Instagram, with a private account, and now she has made a separate, public account where she is sharing a bit of her life from behind-the-scenes. Hayden has quickly amassed followers and currently has 189,000 and continues to acquire more as word about her new Instagram spreads. Best known for her roles on the television series Heroes where she played Claire Bennett and Nashville where she starred as Juliet Barnes and did her own singing, Hayden also has a thriving movie career. Some of her movie credits include Scream 4 , Bring It On: All or Nothing , and I Love You, Beth Cooper

Hayden posted her first picture to her new Instagram on Monday, June 8, 2020, and the picture has more than 24,000 likes. Hayden was seen in a gorgeous selfie with her blonde hair brushed back and away from her face. Her make up was perfect and her blue-green eyes shimmered under the bright light. You may see the photo that Hayden shared in her first Instagram post below.

Hello everyone! Finally posting publicly. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe 🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿

In the second photo that Hayden shared on Instagram, she took off her face mask and went outside to get a bit of fresh air. She shared te following caption along with the beautiful picture.

Glad I got to breathe in the fresh air and take my mask off for a min. while no was was around. Otherwise I’m in one all the time! Brought a little NY fashion to the beach which is y I look like I’m going to a funeral 😂

Hayden celebrated her mother, actress Lesley Vogel with a gorgeous throwback photo of the Loving soap opera star. Hayden wrote the following sweet message.

Check out this old picture I found of my mom! So beautiful! ❤️

In another throwback photo, Hayden shared a picture of herself at her father's wedding. The beautiful mixed-race wedding comes at a time when the nation is facing civil unrest and outrage due to the brutal, kneeling death murder of George Floyd. Standing next to Hayden is her brother, Jansen Panettiere. Hayden's stepmother is stunning and people have repeatedly stated that she looks like actress Kerry Washington.

I’m sharing some pictures from my private Instagram. My dad got remarried a few years ago to my amazing stepmother at the church I grew up going to which is next door to the house I grew up in ❤️ #Family #NY @jrpanettiere

Hayden has also shared rare photos of her five-year-old daughter Kaya on her Instagram account. The photo below is exceptionally beautiful.

Are you a fan of Hayden Panettiere's? Are you going to follow her on her new Instagram account?

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