First Photos Of Beyonce's And Jay-Z's Twins Rumi And Sir Surface

First Photos Of Beyonce's And Jay-Z's Twins Rumi And Sir Surface
Credit: Source: Beyonce/Instagram

The first photos of Beyonce's and Jay-Z's twins Rumi and Sir have hit the web and the babies are adorable. The babies were born on June 13, 2017, and are now five months old. The family was in Miami and the public is going crazy over the photos. Sir was photographed snuggled against his mother and Rumi looked like a little darling with a white bow in her hair. Both babies are chubby, smiley, and clearly happy. Blue Ivy was also with them. You may see photos of the Carter family in the video player below.

Photographers captured the family on Saturday, and by the looks, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and even the babies gave the camera, it appears the photos may have been captured by a photographer who was on public property.

Beyonce wore a colorful printed, long-sleeved bathing suit and covered her lower-half with a shirt tied around her waist.


Jay-Z is 47-years-old and Beyonce is 36-years-old. In addition to the five-month-old twins, they have a five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. The twins big sister was also photographed and she looked darling with long braids and a pink and white polka-dot romper.

It appeared both grandmothers were on vacation with the couple. A woman who appeared to be Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter was seen holding baby Rumi. Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mother was later photographed holding one of the babies while Beyonce held the other. In that photo, the babies were dressed alike.

In addition to the public freaking out over the first photos of the twins, others remarked on Beyonce's more natural look. Her hair was worn in long braids that were twisted on top of her head. She wore no makeup but wore plenty of jewelry.

Beyonce beamed with joy as she nuzzled her babies against her. You can clearly see how much she loves her children and enjoys motherhood.

The family is in Miami as Jay-Z had a concert planned for Saturday evening in OrlandoFlorida.,

What do you think about the new photos of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and the twins?


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