First Photos And Videos Of Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Fairytale Wedding Emerge!

First Photos And Videos Of Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Fairytale Wedding Emerge!
Credit: Source: Bravo

It's a Vanderpump Rules wedding that viewers thought they would never see. Jax Taylor wed Brittany Cartwright yesterday at a literal castle in Kentucky and the photos from the epic event have hit the internet.

The couple's nuptials were officiated by none other than Lance Bass who joined them at the reception for a dance to a song by NSYNC. Not only was most of the cast from VPR there, but co-network stars from Southern Charm and Summer House also showed up making for an amazing crossover event.

The two spoke with People Magazine who got the exclusive about how they were feeling on their big day.

Cartwright explained: 'It feels amazing. We’re stronger and happier than we’ve ever been. We’ve been through a lot, but we came out on the other side. I feel like we’ve just gotten stronger and stronger.'

Taylor added: 'We know we love each other. We know we want to be together. We’re just really excited. Just really happy with where we are right now.'

The biggest surprise for the couple came in the form of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd who originally weren't going to show due to her mother's sudden death. Sources explained that Jax and Brittany were ecstatic that their boss could make it.

Although Jax's dad who tragically passed away from cancer wasn't there physically, the reality star made sure to place a photo of his hero in an empty chair. He also isn't on speaking terms with his mother.

He also opened up about how hard it is to do this without him.

'It’s really, obviously bittersweet. My parents won’t be there. That’s just the hard part about it, but it’s obviously a big day in both of our lives. We’re both very, very excited. I’m very excited. We’re eager to get going.'

What do you think of the breathtaking photos from Jax and Brittany's epic wedding?


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