Finn Wolfhard Says He Nearly Quit Acting Before Landing A Role On Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard Says He Nearly Quit Acting Before Landing A Role On Stranger Things
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Finn Wolfhard once seriously considered quitting his job as an actor before he hit it big with Netflix's Stranger Things . Movie Web reported on comments from the actor in which he explained how he nearly left the business.

During a new interview, the 17-year-old explained how he used to look up acting gigs on Craigslist as a way of getting work. The actor admitted that it was a bit scary at times.

For years, the actor was doing whatever it took to further his career as an artist, and one evening, while he was sick lying in bed, he considered giving it up for good. However, the Duffer Brothers asked him if he wanted to appear in Stranger Things , and things changed from there.

Finn now portrays Mike, one of the primary characters of the series, and it's only become more and more popular since then. In fact, Movie Web reported that it is one of Netflix's most successful original series, and fans and critics alike have hailed it.

With all that said, Finn claimed they never thought it would become as popular as it is today. He and the rest of the crew thought it would become a cult classic, rather than a nationwide hit. Not long after, Wolfhard secured another role in Stephen King's IT and IT Chapter Two.

Both of these films were big hits at the box office . Additionally, the actor appeared in The Addams Family animated movie. Finn will appear on the screen for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, as well.

Regarding the next season of Stranger Things, season four, it was supposed to start filming this year but that all changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's not clear when the show will pick up steam again, but sources from The Guardian state that it'll likely resume its regular schedule near the ending of next year.

Stranger Things is a science-fiction drama that follows a family in the middle of strange supernatural events occurring in a small town amid a young child's disappearance.

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