Fifth Harmony Dedicates Show To Spokane School Shooting Victims

Fifth Harmony Dedicates Show To Spokane School Shooting Victims
Source: Fifth Harmony Instagram

On September 13, 2017, 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe allegedly walked into his Spokane high school armed with an assault rifle and opened fire killing one student and injuring three more. Though the Freeman High School shooting is under investigation, early reports indicate bullying may have been a contributing factor. Fifth Harmony was so heartbroken and grieved over the tragic shooting that they dedicated their show to the people of Spokane, Washington.

In a message shared on the official Fifth Harmony Twitter account, they stated that their hearts hurt for Spokane and they expressed their love to the shooting victims, their friends, and family members.

They also included everyone who attends or works at Freeman High School in their dedication. You may see the dedication post below.

Ironically, Fifth Harmony was slated to perform at the Spokane County Fair later that night. The news of the school shooting gripped the nation and left citizens in shock, horror, and sadness. School shootings have become far too common and it appears that no one actually knows the exact cause, though there is some indication that school bullying is connected.

Fifth Harmony posted their dedication approximately two hours before they took the stage. During the Spokane County Fair show, Fifth Harmony asked everyone to observe a moment of silence for the victims, their families, and the Spokane community.

Many who were in attendance shared comments and remarks on social media. One concertgoer described the moment of silence as "eerie calm."

After the show, 5H tweeted another message indicating that the performance was very special to them.

Fifth Harmony fans praised the girls for showing love, kindness, and compassion to the community and not just performing as if it was another stage and another song. The girls really showed their hearts by addressing the tragedy that had occurred hours earlier and then following up the post with another tweet.

What do you think about Fifth Harmony's dedication? Do you think enough is being done to stop school shootings? If bullying is the root cause, do you think enough awareness is being created to combat bullying in schools?

Fifth Harmony showed Spokane true love and support during this difficult time and we hope their show brought a little bit of comfort to an already grieving community.

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