Feuding Exes! Matt Roloff Slams Show's Negative Editing While Amy Celebrates Its Season Premiere

Feuding Exes! Matt Roloff Slams Show's Negative Editing While Amy Celebrates Its Season Premiere
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It looks like just as Little People, Big World’s brand new season is about to premiere, Amy and Matt Roloff are feuding! The once husband and wife do not agree on the show that made them famous.

It all started when a fan commented about the rumored negative editing on the recent seasons and Matt replied.

‘I am not sure we (the Roloff family) can take that kind of editing much longer. Errrrr,’ he agreed.

However, it sounds like Amy thinks very differently as she took to Instagram to promote the new season, writing: ‘Woohoo! It is here. LPBW new episodes. What a season it'll be – life as new parents, managing life following the divorce and relationships, Farm, learning to work together and always a family. Yep there will be some moments but always in telling a story. So hope you will be watching NEW episodes of #LPBW, premiering on @TLC Tuesday, April 3rd at 9/8c!’

But knowing that the two put an end to their marriage two years ago, we are not surprised they don’t really see eye to eye about this either.

‘We’ve been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront. For some reason, these new producers/editors that come in to work…do not know the show and want to amplify the negative,’ Matt complained.

Indeed, it looks like there has been a lot more drama on the show in recent seasons.

Even in a new preview clip, Matt and Amy are shown battling over their family farm issues.

Amy is now dating photographer Chris Marek who has opened up about his relationship with his girlfriend’s ex, saying: ‘To be honest, Amy was concerned in the beginning about how Matt and I might interact but no concerns about that now. Everything’s good. Matt and I get along just fine.’


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