Fergie Says She And Josh Duhamel Were Just Like 'Friends' In The Weeks Before Announcing Split

Fergie Says She And Josh Duhamel Were Just Like 'Friends' In The Weeks Before Announcing Split
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Fergie admitted that just a couple of weeks before officially announcing their divorce, she and Josh Duhamel were less like husband and wife and more life friends. The singer explained that due to their busy schedules they barely spent any time together.

However, they are trying to clear their calendars as much as possible so they can properly co-parent their son now.

‘We are trying to make it happen right now, and it is a little bit tough, but we are doing it, and we just love him. I just, I eat up his whole face when I see him,’ the star stated.

On Thursday, the estranged couple announced their divorce in an official statement but according to reports, they have been separated ever since February, shortly after celebrating eight years of marriage.

Fergie went on to explain that they still love each other but as very good friends.

Still, after so many years, the bond between them is very strong.

The celeb explained that despite the fact that she and Duhamel started spending less and less time together, their son Axl was the priority.

This is why the former couple is really trying to make it work and see their son a lot, busy schedule and everything.

Fergie revealed that if she stays too long away from Axl, her heart will start hurting so she tries her best to meet up with Duhamel every two weeks and spend time with the boy even though they’re both the busiest they have ever been with their careers.

The singer also hinted at some quarrels that inspired some of her songs, including Save It Till Morning, which is about a fight that gets too out of control.

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