Felicity Huffman Gets Some Prison Tips From Abby Lee Miller -- Will She Use Them To Save Her Career?

Felicity Huffman Gets Some Prison Tips From Abby Lee Miller -- Will She Use Them To Save Her Career?
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Felicity Huffman is getting ready to spend 14 days in prison over a recent scandal involving corruption in college admissions, and while the sentence does not seem objectively that long, it can still be quite the experience for someone who is not used to being behind bars at all.

And it looks like Abby Lee Miller, who has spent some time behind bars herself -- in federal prison, in fact –-- has offered some words of advice to help calm the talented actress down.

According to Miller, the first day of prison is the most stressful one and explained to Huffman that she could expect a big bunk room with multiple beds, which would hopefully help her get used to being behind bars.

Miller also said she should not expect to have any job in prison because the duration of her sentence was too short to warrant that.

Last, but not least, Miller also commented on the one thing that probably matters to Huffman the most right now -- the fallout that she can expect on her career.

According to Miller, this is something that should not have too much of an impact in the long run, and Huffman should just focus on getting through her sentence for the time being.

Huffman herself has been relatively quiet on the situation, and her actual sentence is not starting for at least one more month.

By that time, she would have hopefully adjusted to most things that she should expect from her life behind bars.

The Dance Moms star stated: “The first day going in is the most stressful. There is a big, huge room with bunk beds. She’s not going to get a job because she won’t be there long enough. She’s not going to learn how to be a plumber and how to do HVAC.”

A source told Hollywood Life that the American Crime actress is happy this is over and added: “Felicity is feeling relieved after finally being sentenced for her involvement in the college admissions scandal. Although Felicity knows she still has to jump through a few hurdles until this thing is all behind her, she can stop worrying about what the outcome of this whole ordeal will be. While she’s feeling anxious about serving her time, she’s also looking forward to completing her sentence, finishing the community service and moving forward with her life. Felicity is feeling grateful she received 14 days in prison and knows that she could have potentially faced much more time.”

Can Huffman get her career back?


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